HAVEN 8 Ft Pellet Outdoor Kitchen Island w/ 2 Drawer Cabinet - HCOY96PDRAW

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Package Includes

* Must specify Brushed Black (BB) or Antique Bronze (AB) when ordering

** All 8 Ft Outdoor Kitchen Islands configured for Single Trash or Recycle Center in center panel

$11,471.00 $10,233.00


Measure your space

Determine the size needed for your outdoor kitchen. Outdoor Solutions offers kitchens in 5.5’, 6’ and 8’ configurations to best fit your needs and available space.

5.5 Ft 6 Ft 8 Ft


Choose your finish

Select either our Brushed Black or Antique Bronze base. Add optional countertop in a concrete finish.

Brushed Black Antique Bronze Countertop


Select your grill

Select a Coyote Grill, Pellet Grill or Flat Top Griddle that fits your outdoor kitchen size.

Coyote Pellet Grill Coyote Flat Top Grill


Select your accessories

Designed to accept multiple configurations of products, choose the products needed to create your ideal space.



Shell Construction

Construction of the shell is a process of connecting vertical supports to the front and back panels. The primary fastening mechanism is a slot and cleat system that is laser cut in the supports and panels. The vertical supports will have slots cut in them that correspond with cleats that are cut in the front and back panels.

Construction will begin on the left side with vertical support 1, labeled V1. Connect panels B1 and F1 through the appropriate slots. Using a rubber mallet, ensure cleats are fully seated in the corresponding slots.

After finishing the first section, continue assembly following the next numbers in sequence (V2, B2, etc.). Although your kitchen design and layout may vary, always follow this sequence of numbers for the next section. Repeat this process until all the Vertical Supports and Panels are connected.

Using the provided screws, fasten each Support and Panel together in the corners of each section.


Horizontal Rail Installation

On the left end of the Island, install the long Horizontal Rails by sliding them into the appropriate slots in the bottom of each vertical support. Ensure that each Horizontal Rail is pointing inwards as shown below. If using optional accessories panel, install the small Horizontal Rails for that section as well.


Leveling System

Each unit will come with an adjustable leveling kit pre-installed. If desired, adjust with the included allen wrench as needed to achieve level. Using the leveling feet will be at the discretion of the installer, Outdoor Solutions does not require that the feet be used to elevate the product.

If desired, insert storm tie-down straps over leveling legs, and secure in place with the appropriate fasteners (not included).


Grill Support Installation

Measure the depth of your grill cutout in your countertop and place the grill support accordingly in the appropriate section of the Island. (Make sure to measure from the outward-most point of the vertical support, see drawing below).

Using the provided screws, secure the grill support in place.



Floor Panel Installation

Install the Floor Panel in section 1 (far left section). Insert through top of kitchen, with raised lip up and towards the back. Screw in place with provided screws through the pre-drilled holes.


Component Installation

Following any specific instructions from the manufacturer of your components, install your components into the kitchen framework.


Countertop Installation

Lower the countertop into place on top of the kitchen. The countertop should cover the top of the kitchen shell and overlap downwards several inches on all sides. Glue or silicone may be used to secure the countertop, but will make it very difficult to remove in the future to replace panels or disassemble the kitchen.


Grill Installation

Following the manufacturer’s instructions for your particular model, install your grill into the countertop. If desired, trim any excess gasket that is visible around your grill.


Operation & Maintenance

To ensure a lifetime of use, and extend the longevity and beauty of your product, we recommend regular care and cleaning of your Outdoor Kitchen.

Routine cleaning can be accomplished by rinsing away dirt and debris, and then gently wiping with a damp, non-abrasive cloth or sponge using warm water. Towel drying will help prevent water spotting. If additional cleaning is necessary, mild household cleaners can be used. The use of solvents or abrasive cleaners may damage the product’s finish, always test any cleaning solution in an inconspicuous area before applying to the entire product.

Storing objects on the surface for extended periods of time may trap moisture and debris and dis-color or damage the finish.

Placing hot items directly on any surface of your outdoor kitchen may damage the finish. Hot ashes and exposure to ash debris over long periods of time may also cause damage.

Appliance and stainless-steel cleaning solvents should never come in contact with your outdoor kitchen surface. Spray the solvent onto a cloth and wipe only on the appliance surface to help eliminate overspray.

Light or superficial scratches to the finish are likely to occur during normal use and do not affect the integrity of the product. Using your outdoor kitchen surfaces as a cutting board for food, or sliding items such as grilling tools, utensils, and abrasive or ceramic items across the surface may also cause wear and tear.


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