Discover Coyote's 2024 Lineup

Discover Coyote's 2024 Lineup

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As a registered dealer of Coyote Outdoor products, we at Brandster are thrilled to introduce two groundbreaking additions to the Coyote lineup, set to launch in 2024. This innovation isn't just a product; it's a gourmet experience designed to enrich every outdoor cooking activity.

Coyote Outdoor Farmhouse Sink

30″ W  x  25 1/4″ D  x  10 7/8″ H

The new Farmhouse Sink is a testament to Coyote's unwavering commitment to combining functionality with aesthetic elegance. With its apron front style exuding a classic charm and the robust 304 stainless steel construction promising longevity, this sink is designed for the modern outdoor chef who values both style and substance.

Measuring an overall dimension of 30″ W x 25 1/4″ D x 10 7/8″ H, the sink boasts a deep basin offering ample space, making washing large pots and pans or preparing food an absolute breeze. Every detail, from the included drain, faucet, strainer, to the stainless steel cover, is a nod to Coyote's dedication to providing a comprehensive cooking experience.

The simple yet elegant design ensures not just a visual appeal but also makes cleaning and maintenance a hassle-free task. The Farmhouse Sink isn't just a kitchen fixture; it's an ally in your culinary journeys, promising convenience, durability, and a touch of elegance.

DUOMO: The Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Meet DUOMO, the wood-fired pizza oven set to redefine outdoor pizza cooking. DUOMO is a masterpiece of engineering precision and aesthetic brilliance, available in three distinct colors - Yellow, Matte Black, and Copper.

DUOMO promises unmatched cooking efficiency with a one-piece seamless dome and an active heat management system. The interior flame channel and ThermoShift Chimney System ensure optimal heat distribution, while the FDA-approved ceramic cooking bricks promise authentic flavor retention.

DUOMO isn't just about cooking; it's about experiencing the art of pizza making. With temperatures soaring up to 1,000 degrees and a front smoke escape design, every pizza emerges with the perfect blend of crispiness and flavor. The 4pc toolkit ensures you are well-equipped to handle every culinary challenge gracefully.

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Coyote's 2024 lineup celebrates innovation, aesthetic elegance, and functional brilliance. The Farmhouse Sink and DUOMO Wood-Fired Pizza Oven are not just additions to the outdoor kitchen but are experiences waiting to be unveiled. Every detail and feature is a testament to Coyote's commitment to transforming outdoor cooking from a task to a gourmet journey. As we anticipate the official launch, we invite you to envision a world where every meal is a culinary masterpiece and every outdoor cooking experience is a gourmet event, courtesy of Coyote's unwavering innovation.